Monday, December 05, 2011

Making products bought by oldies attractive to the young

There are not too many instances of companies that revel in their success in selling to older people doing all they can to become attractive to the young. Normally, age silo products are age silo products and stay that way.

Not so with Harley Davidson who wants to get the poor unemployed young to buy its bikes. More likely it wants get the children of rich parents to want to buy their bikes.

Reuters has an interesting article about the issues involved in transitioning from being an old ghetto product to age neutral. Not surprisingly, the real hassle comes from the Harley fanatics who don't want a single bolt changed on their beloved bikes.

I liked this quote from the ceo: "extending the reach of the brand beyond our core customers can be a touchy situation ... our core customers have allowed our company to be successful - so there's a certain amount of jealousy, if you will, around the brand." I bet that is an understatement. Dick Stroud

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