Sunday, March 25, 2012

If only AgeUK had a £250,000 they could have binned the Granny Tax

Today we learn that a quarter of million quid buys you a meeting with the UK's Prime Minister to put forward your thoughts about policy changes and to make the case for your organisation. The Sunday Times filmed the jackass Peter Cruddas -the Conservative Party co-treasurer - bragging about what a nice fat wodge of £10 notes will buy in influencing UK Government policy.

What a pity that AgeUK couldn't have got together that amount of money, maybe Saga could have contributed a few grand, even I would have put my hand in my pocket. If they had then maybe we wouldn't have seen the Granny Tax introduced in last week's budget. 

Forget all of this nonsense about writing postion papers, holding conferences, signing petitions  - all that counts is the size of the donation cheque. Why should we be surprised? Now I wonder who thought it was worthwhile paying so much money to ensure that pensioners got screwed.

Please excuse my rant - nothing to do with 50-plus marketing but a disgusting insight into the corruption that governs policy making in the UK. Dick Stroud

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