Thursday, March 22, 2012

Demographics of gym users in the UK

The Royal Mail Media Centre often publishes interesting research. This month it has a paper about the attitudes to mail among gym members and is based on TGI data (Feb 2012).

I was amazed to read that a third of UK adults have visited the gym in the past 12 months. That is 17.4m adults. This consists of 35% of all adults but 50% of those earning £40k to £49.99k personal income a year.

The thing that interested me the most was the demographic data about gym users. Looks like there about 6 million users who are 45+.

I guess that these numbers refer to both private gyms and those run by or for local councils. It would fascinating to see that demographics of each type.

Looks to me like older gym users are a group that need to be taken seriously. Dick Stroud

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