Friday, April 27, 2012

You are never alone in the car - your iPhone is watching you

At the moment this is a research project being run by AT&T.

In theory the device plugged into a car's electronic diagnostic port inside the engine compartment beams out vehicle information such as speed, acceleration rate, steering, and braking—together with GPS coordinates. Meanwhile, an app on the phone beams out information on its usage.

Then, in an AT&T cloud, the two streams of information are analyzed, folding in additional information such as speed limits on the stretch of roadway involved. The result: alerts sent to the parent's phone describing where the kid or grandma are whether they're exceeding the speed limit, whether they're wearing a seat belt, whether they have braked or steered abruptly, and whether he they are talking or texting when those things happened. Wow.

Not sure how little Johnny or aged grandparent is going to like having their driving monitored but no doubt we will soon have the ability to do so. Sounds a great idea to me. Dick Stroud

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