Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We are all doomed - well not all

If you were happy before reading this blog you will not be come the end.

I have just looked at the FT web site and the first two headlines are:

UK recession deepens - Double-dip downturn longest in more than 50 years 

Spanish borrowing costs spike higher - Yield on 2-year debt rises above 7%

Just before that I received an e-mail from one of the EU press offices with the latest confidence research. That is the chart at the top of the page. Conclusion - we are not happy and getting less so.

Then I get another e-mail announcing a new quarterly report from Which about the state of the nation titled: The big squeeze winners and losers

I have reproduced a couple of images from this report. The conclusion is all but 5th quintile, the rest are not doing at all well. Finally, Which has done a bit of segmentation and concluded that the Content Carefree (young people without anything to lose who are being supported by mum and dad) are pretty chipper so are the Mature Secure - those who are not dependent on income and who are in a phase of their life when the costs, theoretically start to fall.

This tells nothing we didn't know but it is nice to see yet more research confirming this scenario. Dick Stroud

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