Monday, August 27, 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis in new Activia ad

I think Activia made a great decision in selecting Jamie Lee Curtis to promote its products.

Aged 53  - but still appealing to a wide range of ages, older and younger - she looks (and I am sure is) healthy and fit and still radiates 'having a good time'.

As is pointed out by Brand Channel: ' Unlike many of her earlier ads for Activia, when Dannon was still trying to establish the digestive benefits of probiotic bacteria in Activia, Curtis only lightly mentions that Breakfast Blend "helps regulate your digestive system," and only near the end of the ad.'

So less of the ' it is good for you' and more of the 'its good to eat'. The head honcho from Dannon  told brandchannel that there is even a more important distinction is the brand's positioning. "We decided to call it Breakfast Blend because it's formulated perfectly for breakfast. And as far as we know there haven't been any breakfast-themed yogurts before this." Sound another good reason. Dick Stroud

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