Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The New York Times Gets in on the Baby Boom - Demography is Destiny

I am not sure if you if these links will work since the NY Times is behind a paywall.
Interesting to see that this publication has started a blog about the BBs.

I was pleased to read that the author of the blog starts by explaining what the blog won’t be: “It is not a nostalgic trip back to 1965,” which is a shame, since we were already queuing up the soundtrack to The Big Chill in iTunes.

It also will not be a Bruce Springsteen concert. It won’t stereotype all boomers as liberals.

All is explained here - if you can read it. Hope it goes well. I like the sound of the blog's editor/author or whatever you call somebody who runs a blog. 

Thanks to the guys at Immersion Active for highlighting this news in their weekly briefing. Dick Stroud

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