Monday, October 01, 2012

Congratulations to Brittany Ferries for their use of Twitter

I should be on my way to France for a few days holiday. I am not.

Thanks to the French trade unions, Brittany Ferries has been forced to cancel all sailings.

If there is one positive thing to take from this experience it is seeing a company using Twitter to fantastic advantage. In addition to keeping its web sit up to date with the latest news the company had a fast (less than 5 mins) turnaround response to all enquires via Twitter.

It was fascinating reading the Tweets. Yes I know, I should get out more, but you could see that there were a lot of people who were very new to Twitter, many I would guess are older than younger.

You could see that even though many of the people tweeting were having their holidays mucked-up they were appreciative of the way the company was trying to keep them informed and to do the best they could to help. I reckon this is case study in how to improve your customer loyalty from a disastrous situation. Dick Stroud

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