Sunday, October 28, 2012

Improve the effectiveness of your web site

Google does it again - a great way of checking the load speed effectiveness of your web site.

My site scored 76/100. This must be one of the few things about my business that is better than Apple (63/100). Why not check your site? 

Here is another interesting set of insights into improving e-commerce sites from Econsultancy. 

I was especially interested in this comment

Today’s consumer is no longer satisfied with a list of product photos coupled with short descriptions when shopping online. Our research reveals that online shoppers crave more interactive features, such as video content.

Currently, there is a significant disconnect between consumers and retailers when it comes to video. With only one in four retailers providing it, even the biggest players seem to be underestimating the importance of video to consumers.

I shouldn't say "I told you so" but I did tell you so.

Way back in 2010 I started the company InTwoFocus to provide video that especially effective with older people. Dick Stroud

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