Saturday, October 06, 2012

It is old news. Smartphone+Apps = great product for older people.

Two and a half years ago I woke-up and saw the light.  Smartphone+Apps = great product for older people. 

My next step was to register 

Now I have to be honest. I haven’t added to the blog as much as I should, but having three blogs, a business to run, books to write and injecting a bit of fun into my life doesn’t leave much time. 

It was good to see this video from AARP’s Jody Holtzman who is doing great work in positioning innovation and older consumers in terms that business can understand. To be honest, it was also nice to see that he agrees with my what I was saying back in 2010 in my assessment of the iPad. 

What he didn't say is that it is not just the product. Apple 'gets it' about making all of their customer touchpoints age-friendly. Dick Stroud

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