Monday, October 29, 2012

‘Town Centre Futures 2020’ is an Experian white paper.

As the name suggests the paper is about the changing nature of the UK’s town centres. An important contributing factor is the ageing of the population.

Experian predicts that 5 years time there will be half a million fewer teenagers and young adults and that in 10 years time there will be 3 million more people aged 70 and above. This is all basic ONS demographics

The implications of these changes, as Experian comments, is the requirement in town centres for facilities such as good access, health services, and public conveniences. It may also lead to a growing demand for safer and cleaner local environments for socialising and leisure activities.

I think this paper makes a pretty good attempt at explaining the implications on town centres of population change. It is particularly good at showing how the changes will not take place in a uniform way. Here are a couple of statistics to remember:

79% of town centres in the UK will experience 10% or more growth in their over 50 population and 431 town centres (37% of the total) will experience growth in excess of 15%.

If what happens to retail in town centres important to you then this is a must download. Dick Stroud

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