Sunday, November 04, 2012

A smartphone it is not - the AgeUK My Phone

AgeUK has teamed up with Cognatel, a mobile network group, to provide easy-to-understand services while CyCell has designed a new line of phones including a credit card-sized, lightweight handset which allows customers to call friends and family at the touch of one of its large buttons.

The phone will be sold across its 200 outlets throughout England as well as its website.

Cognatel will use the Vodafone network for the service, although it will be rebranded as AgeUK and proceeds will go to the charity after a wholesale fee to the operator. The arrangement is similar to that used by brands such as Virgin Mobile and Tesco.

I would love to see the marketing plan for this phone. My guess is that it is aimed at the 75+ - more accurately, the children of the 75+ who despair at getting their parents/grandparents to use a mobile.

I will be fascinated to much success they have with the venture. I am sure there is a small market for the product. If that is large enough to make the venture profitable – I am not sure. Dick Stroud 

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