Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Customer Engagement (as long as they are young)

Today I am attending a conference about 'Customer Engagement'. I expected that it would be mostly about social media and mobile and I was sure was not disappointed.

The opening session was given by an economist who was, if you can believe it, even more pessimistic about the future of Europe than me. Basically, he said that things are going to get worse, then a bit worser, when you think they are terrible they will deteriorate and this will go on until at least 2017.

I was looking for the reaction from the audience, most who were young, Not a flicker. Not a gasp. Either they are resigned to this type of future or they had no idea what the guy was talking about.

The only sign of life that came from the audience when the guy said that the number of pieces of chicken in an Asda (UK supermarket) Chicken Masala curry had declined from 17 to 11. They seemed to understand that.

Most of the othere sessions had nothing to do with an older market but were focused on the group of consumers who are (and will continue to be) the worst hit by the recession. How strange. Dick Stroud

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