Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The NHS is very bad for your health - especially if you are old

The Department of Health’s key adviser on the elderly, said that the NHS was “failing to do basic things for older people”. He warned there was “endemic evidence of discriminatory attitudes from [NHS] staff”, which was leading to older people “systematically” getting a worse deal in hospitals across England than younger patients.

I have given up reporting these types of comments and reports that show the disgusting and cruel way in which the NHS treats so many of its older patients. If I did I would be blogging about every day.

Every time one of these reports or statements is published there will be the usual squall of comments from AgeUK and representatives for Government about how 'things have to change' and then nothing happens until the next report. I fear that as a country we have become desensitised to the way that the NHS serially fails to do even the basics right. Danny Boyle you go it wrong.

This awful situation is not going to change. You either put up with it or get the hell out into the private sector.

What about the poor sods that cannot afford the costs of private treatment? Well maybe the NHS's failings create a business opportunity.

I think there is a role for a NHS Minder. Let me explain. The two things that drive the NHS are the fear of litigation and following 'the correct process'. If you have somebody that understands the machinations of the NHS bureaucracy and also has a good understanding of nursing practise you could hire them to be a minder for your aged mum and dad. When you cannot visit them in hospital, and even when you can, the minder visits but not to bring in a box of chocolates but to ensure the hospital staff are performing.

If they have concerns then they ring the litigation alarms, take the incriminating photos and video and basically put the fear of god into the ward staff. Appealing to the NHS's compassion is not going to make any difference - frightening them by a deluge of litigation  will.

It is a sad day when this type of service becomes necessary but unfortunately it is already here.

Just listen to this tragic case of Labour MP and the tragic death of her husband.
Dick Stroud

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