Monday, December 31, 2012

Online education - something for Boomers to do in their retirement

For a long time I have been reading about MOOCs (Massive open online courses).

The roots of open education go way a back to the UK's Open University started teaching via radio and television in 1971.

MIT and others have been posting lectures on the Internet for a decade. But the change in the magnitude of things really got underway during 2012.

We are talking about 100,000s of people getting access to some of the best education in the world.

What would your prefer. Listening to some third rate academic who is not interested in lecturing and paying a fortune for the privilege or watching and interacting online to a world expert?

Now if you are not that worried about the academic qualification but are doing for the pure pleasure of learning then online education is perfect.

I think that retired people are going to be significant customers for this sort of training. Dick Stroud

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