Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yet more evidence of the horrors of NHS 'care'

Back in late November I wrote (yet again) about the terrible state of the UK's NHS and the way it treats older people. Trying to extract a positive morsel from these horror stories I suggested that there is a market opportunity for NHS Minders. These people would be employed by the patient or thier family to ensure that the NHS was doing its job - like feeding them and providing them with water. After ensuring these basics are being delivered the Minder can move on to making sure they are receiving half decent medical treatment.

If this service existed today it would be benefiting from yet more news about the horrors of the NHS's 'care'.

This is the headline from the Sunday Telegraph. 
An NHS hospital has apologised to 38 families after a patient starved to death and it left other dying people screaming in pain.
Beware before reading this article, it is very distressing.

In my mind the actions of the front-line medical staff involved in this horror are criminal and should be result in a long prison sentences. As long as NHS get away with these terrible acts by issuing 'apologises' they are going to continue. 

What marvellous PR for the NHS Minder service. Pity it doesn't exist. Dick Stroud

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