Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Does 'Boomer' Now Mean 'Old' - should we drop the term?

The comments associated with article are as interesting as the article. I have always been a bit suspicious when people say "I am proud to be a boomer". Do you say: "I am proud to be 50, or, 70 or 20?

If you are proud to be a boomer it means that being a boomer means something very specific that has form and values. It is here were I have always have problems. Two people are age 60, and hence a boomer, one is university educated, a highly paid senior manager, in good health, wide range of intersts and has travelled extensively. Somebody 100 meteres away is the same age, left school at 16, has been in and out of work all of their life, has multiple health conditions and has never travelled outside their country. What that hell do they have in common other than they share the same date of birth?

There are a host of ways of segmenting consumers - lifestage, lifestyle, sexulaity, gender etc. Trying to draw some mystical inference about the requirements of a consumer just because of their age is in most cases hocus pocus nonsense.

BUT, what you do know about two people age 60 is that their eyesight and hearing is not so good, maybe their dexteritiy and body mass and muscluar  power is in decline.  Age is a great predictor of physiological requirement but a bad one of pschological ones.

I for one would not shed a tear if Baby Boomer disappeared. Dick Stroud

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