Monday, March 04, 2013

Hollow words and intentions about customer service

pwc has published a report all about how companies intend to cope with the turbulent times in which we live. 

One of the ways that the company believes this will be achieved will be by: " maintaining a clear focus on the customer, taking active steps to stimulate demand, loyalty and innovation in their customer base – through mechanisms ranging from digital marketing platforms to collaborative R&D." I read this and I think - 'who are you kidding?'

These are just a pile of buzz words strung together to give some semblance of meaning. Even if companies do intend to keep a 'clear focus on the customer' very few of them would know how to go about doing it. 

I fear that the reason that I react to these sorts of statements is that I have written enough of them in my youth when working for a large consultancy. I cringe at the garbage that I created. Looks like little has changed. Dick Stroud

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