Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I blame the McDonald's birthday parties

Those pesky millennials are turning against McDonalds and hamburgers in general. Well that is the message from the US. Read the full article in AdAge

In the US the hamburger category, which includes McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King, still receives 29% of all millennials' quick-service visits, according to NPD, more than any other restaurant category.

But hamburger chains have seen a 16% decline in traffic from millennials since 2007, according to NPD. There was a 12% decline in quick-service restaurant visits by millennials in the same time period.

The easy thing to do is blame it on the countless birthday parties that today's millennials were draged to when they were kids (I am joking). I suspect the reason is a mixture of financial constraints, changing tastes in food and changing lifestyle.

Why I comment about this is that we lose sight of how different some aspects of millennials life is from that of their parents and grandparents. The commentators on the subject waffle on about the technology differences but the most important ones are to do with their different choices of food and drink, car ownership, house ownership etc etc.

Sometimes I think that marketers are just as out of touch with their younger audience as they are with the oldies. Dick Stroud

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