Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ken Dychtwald muses about the challenges facing Boomers

Ken Dychtwald has done lots of good work to promote the subject of ageing and its implications.

He has a longish article in the Huffington Post. I quote:

As we migrate into elderhood, our huge numbers and vast influence over the economy, social policy and the culture in general will transform America into a "gerontocracy." And the growing costs of our anticipated illnesses and entitlements will further strain our economy.
Are we prepared? No.

There are lots of very ambitious and liberal ideas.

Lots of suggestions like:

End the proliferation of "age ghettos" through the encouragement of a wide range of inclusive community-based intergenerational programs, activities and housing.

My eyes glaze over when I read these nice sounding sentences that mean absolutely nothing.

Another example

Smash the silver ceiling and eliminate the rampant ageism that permeates our workforce and our culture so that all workers can be judged on their competencies, not their birthdays.

None of this is going to happen. Sorry Ken, but this is word eye-candy that fills the pages of Huff Post but as we say in the UK: "will be wrapping the fish and chips within a week". Of course I am referring to the digital fish and chips. Dick Stroud

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