Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saga Magazine. A mix of aspirational ads and the physical issues of ageing

I always think that it useful to look at the ads in Saga. It gives you a feel of who is trying to communicate with older people. I know of many companies that wouldn't be seen dead in the magazine but love it or hate it, the magazine still has a massive penetration with older Brits.

Let's take a look at the most recent edition.

Firstly, a couple of smart aspirational ads from Honda and Jordans.

Then the tone changes a bit and Boots targets those with hearing loss.

Now things start to get physically serious with a series of ads about some of the nasties of ageing.

The problems of joint pain, Prostate 'issues' and teeth that no longer work.

What we see here is the the reality of ageing. Lots of aspirations but an increasing cocktail of physical issues.

We might want to ignore or not think about the physical aspects of ageing but sorry folks  - they are there and they are important.

Putting them to the back of the magazine might work for Saga but marketers should have them at the forefront of their minds. Dick Stroud

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