Wednesday, June 12, 2013

P&G senior managers try and explain their strategy - worth trying to understand and decode

Today the high and mighty from P&G were talking about the state of the company at a consumer conference. The full transcript is on the Seeking Alpha web site (free subscription).

It is worth reading because it gives an insight into the issues facing global multi-brand companies. There was lots of talk about developing and emerging countries and the 'established' markets of Europe and the US. There was lots of talk (in coded corporate-speak) about the creation of 'value' brands (i.e. utility brands for the increasingly poor American and European).

One subject was not talked about by the company or those asking questions. I would have so much liked to have asked the question:

"Dear Mr P&G  - how do you intend to benefit from the ageing of the consumer in most of your markets"
Do you know what - I don't think they have a strategy, or if they do it is fragmented across the brands. How weird. Dick Stroud

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