Monday, June 03, 2013

The Labour Party want to lead their plan for economic revival by giving the pensioners a bit of a kicking

The opposition party in the UK has spent the time since it lost power in deciding its new economic strategy. The guy who has masterminded it goes by the unfortunate name of Balls, A man with the rare ability to annoy people on all parts of the political spectrum.

You would never guess what the lead policy is going to be. Seriously, if you went away and thought for a month, you would never think anybody could be so daft.

The Labour Party is going to start getting the UK's finances back on track by - taking away the Winter Fuel Allowance from 'wealthy' pensioners. The claim is that it would save the grand total of £100 million.

Of course it wouldn't by the time the public sector bureaucracy got to grips with administering the system. Just to put this in context. A couple of weeks ago the NHS had to ditch £80 million of flu vaccine because it couldn't be sure it had been kept at the correct temperature.

I had a quick look around the UK's online media to see what they have made of Ball's historic statement. Not much is the simple answer. Most of the online comments are even more critical.

The worrying thing is that in the mindset of the Labour Party, and I fear the the Government, is the assumption/intention to punish older people. That is scary. Dick Stroud

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