Thursday, July 18, 2013

Digital Marketers are clueless about the older demographic

In Social Media Today there is an article titled: "Digital Marketers: Don’t Forget the Boomers"

It always amuses me when I listen to young digital marketers (not all but most of them) enthusing about the latest techniques and news about social media. Long ago I stopped bothering to raise the question - so what has this to do with the average over-50 year old?

Of course most of the transitory social media wonders have nothing to do with them. Young digital marketers think that their audience is just like them, with the same ideas and digital priorities.

I don't agree with all of the comments in the article but I like the way it is written.

I do agree with the concluding statement.

I recently asked a colleague a simple but important question: how are Boomers being marketed to online? She reflexively began to answer and then paused, registering a degree of utter bafflement; it’s as if I had asked her to explain the Unified Field Theory on a cocktail napkin. After what seemed like a full minute had passed, she answered, “there not???” Her questioning tone served to underscore the point.

Dick Stroud

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