Sunday, September 15, 2013

Doctor Google and Nurse Pharmacy get new tools

A month back I wrote a blog entitled Doctor Google - nurse Pharmacy that was about the way that self diagnosis and treatment is going to be big business as younger (and lots of older) people decide to be more interventionist about their own health. Much of this is being driven by the rising cost and falling standards of centralised healthcare be it provided by the state (the NHS in the UK) or the mega health industry in the US.

The story continues to evolve. MIT Technology Review has published an online report about this subject and has some fascinating insights into new apps that will give us (you and I) even more diagnostic tools.

One particular development caught my eye (sorry for the pun)  - details how smartphones could soon be undertaking eye tests.  Do check out the web site.

We are at day one on this journey to surround the smartphone with health diagnostic tools. I wonder if the health care industry has woken up to this fact? I think we both know the answer (no). Dick Stroud

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