Tuesday, January 21, 2014

London is a young city in an ageing country

I spend a lot of my time in London. When I gaze around the streets and the underground I increasingly feel like I am in a minority. Let's not go down the racial mix of London but by age, I often feel that I am the oldest person in sight. That is because I probably am.

For ages we have known the stats about the changing demographics of London, and other large UK cities. They all do point young.

These charts, from a blog on the FT web site,  really do drive home just how the age mix of London is changing. I think this link should be visible and is not behind the FT paywall.

I wonder if there is anybody in the political/administrative class thinking about this and its implications? Probably not.

However, you marketers don't have an option. If the demographics of the richest and largest city in the UK are changing then you need to be aware and modifying your marketing plans accordingly. Dick Stroud

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