Saturday, February 15, 2014

Inequality also applies to health not just income or maybe the two are linked?

I really do get tired explaining to people, who are interested in the 'older market', that there are no easy answers and that it 'all depends' when answering almost any question about the older consumers and how they behave.

This analysis is from the UK and shows the difference in the level of disability between those people in the top and bottom decile (measuring level of deprivation).

I know that these are very nebulous terms but the ONS article explains all.

The bottom line from all of this is that somebody aged 65- 69 in the most affluent area will have the same level of disability as people 20 years younger in the most deprived. Put another way, there is over a 10% difference in the level of disabled people in the most to the least deprived areas for those aged 65-69.

So just because two people have the same birthday, doesn't mean they share that many characteristics. Dick Stroud

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