Saturday, February 08, 2014

Poor, old and rural: The real losers in England's superfast broadband race

This week Microsoft announced a new boss that comes from the company's cloud operations and we all know that 'the future is in the cloud'. I certainly agree that the cloud is already a vital part of the way we use the internet and no doubt will become even more so.

One of the key components for cloud stuff to work is a half decent broadband connection have fast up and download speeds .

As this research shows. there are great parts  of the UK with terrible broadband speeds. Where I live in the country I get about 6Mb download and 0.4Mb upload. Believe it or not, I am considered lucky by many of my neighbours that struggle along with a fraction of these speeds.

The digital divide between those than want and can fully engage with all the great things enabled by fast broadband has many dimensions. As we all know, age is factor, so is the person's soci-economic group. The one thing that trumps all of these, for both those that want to take part and those who happy to stick with pen and paper, is access to fast broadband.

Digital marketers, most of whom are sitting behind their multi large screen iMacs and 20 Mb pipes should get a grip on the reality of many people's digital expereince. Dick Stroud

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