Saturday, March 22, 2014

Age UK new ad. Nicely produced, not sure what change it will create

This is the new advertisement from Age UK featuring a poem written by Roger McGough that describes ageing as a “way of life”. The objective is to encourage people to think differently about getting older and demonstrate older people’s role in society..

No doubt that it is a nicely produced ad and tells a compelling story.

The question is who is listening and what are they likely to do as a result?

I am sure Age UK doesn't see it this way but it is selling 'Ageing'. Like and organisation it will have different types of customers that will need different things and communicated in a varying ways.

Who is this ad aimed at? More importantly, does Age UK have the budget to use advertising to get people to act differently?

This is view is not too different from that of Kim Walker who has a long background at the top in advertising.

So Age UK, full marks for a nice ad. Not so sure that it will make much difference. Dick Stroud

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