Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is Boomer Myopia a Problem? Good article by Dick Ambrosius

I have always enjoyed reading what Dick Ambrosius has to say about marketing to older people.

In this article he hits many of the proverbial nails on their heads

I loved his comment

Contrary to what you have heard or read, baby boomers did not ALL…
Attend Woodstock,
Protest the Viet Nam war,
Like the same music,
Experience the culture of the “60s,”
Come to think or act as one, and

Neither did they share the same life experiences nor do they have a common worldview.
Consultants or journalists who say things like, “all baby boomers like…want…need…enjoy… believe…think…etc., just do not have a clue. 

Totally agree. Dick Stroud

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Chuck Nyren said...

From my book (c)2005:

You can spend the better part of
your life coming up with Baby
Boomer cohorts, until you’ve
finally found 76 million
cohorts. Then you’ll be trying
to sell one product to one
person at a time.