Saturday, June 14, 2014

Digitizing the consumer decision journey

You will need to click on this image to look at the large format version if you are to have any hope of reading it.

This is a chart taken from a McKinsey report about the consumer decision journey.

As you would expect, a well researched and written report.

I particularly liked the way that it illustrates the way efficiency of different channels to convert traffic to business. The trouble is I doubt most companies have the technology to capture the data to make such an analysis.

This is a good example of some terrific thinking about digital channels that seems to ignore the reality of the digital skills of consumers. It is reminiscent of economic theory that depends on consumers behaving in some form of idealised and uniform way. As we know, there are 11 million people in the UK without sufficient digital skills to send e-mails and competently transact online - many of them older people.

Not sure where this variable fits into the McKinsey model. Dick Stroud

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