Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If the US has a shortage of geriatricians heavens knows what is happening in the UK

The longer I work in the Ageing Business the more convinced I am that the preparation of government and healthcare services are woefully inadequate. That really is an understatement, it is criminally inadequate for the demands of the ageing society.

The WSJ has an article about how the US has far too few geriatricians. The UK's NHS is in a far worse situation. If you have a WSJ membership this is the link. 

Why bother to tell you this fact? I believe that there will be numerous business opportunities arising as the mismatch between the preparedness of government (local and central) and all the support services it provides, meets the reality of numerous older people making levels of demand on a system that cannot cope.

Maybe this should be a new market sector  - perhaps we could call it 'Failing State Opportunities'? Dick Stroud

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