Thursday, November 20, 2014

Apple issues rules for the building apps for its watch - any guidelines for physiological ageing?

The Apple gurus are scouring the instructions that Apple has just released about building apps for its watch.

Things like the balance of functionality between the watch and the iPhone, even down to the detail of the app's background colour (preferably black) to save on battery life.

Knowing Apple's attention to detail you can just imagine developers trying to make sense of the guidelines.

I wondered is if there is a section in the guidelines about taking account of older watch users, like me. Issues about eyesight, touch and complexity. I really hope so but I doubt it. Probably it is swept into the section on disability.

It would be really good to think that it is not and that Apple has incorporated physiological ageing into the foundations of how it designs. Good grief, if Apple doesn't who will? Dick Stroud

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