Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Millennials like their parents are not all the same. The ones in Europe are really despondent

Today's FT has an article about how the young in the UK get a rough ride of things and it is all the faults of their parents. This Boomer Bashing has become an unwelcome occurrence over the past couple of years.

One of reasons why life is tougher in Europe for the young (and the old) is that the economic balance between West and East has been changing.

The Harvard Business blog has some fascinating research that shows the different attitude of Millennials worldwide.

Just look at the attitudes of Western Europe to when they expect to retire. Compare that with Asia Pacific.

We live in a big, big world where your competitor is not the guy up the road but is likely to be based in India or Viet Nam. I fear this fact has not got through to that many people.

The issue for marketers is that trying to pigeonhole Millennials as having consistent attitudes is just as daft as doing it for their parents. Dick Stroud

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