Monday, October 19, 2015

The problem of falling - same for humans and robots. Maybe ishoe has a solution?

A couple of my friends are walking around with arms in a sling having hurt their shoulder as a result of a fall.

I am afraid that ageing increases the likelihood of a fall and the resulting collateral damage.

Technology Review has an article about an algorithm that is helping robots fall safely. The video shows why it is required.

It is a great pity that humans don't have such an algorithm. The instinctive reaction, when falling, is to stick out the hand to cushion the fall (hence the resulting shoulder problems).

Now maybe there is a young entrepreneur working on a smartphone app to provide humans with fall protection? Perhaps not.

A more likely solution will come in the form of devices that help us improve our balance. What we need is a way of measuring the quality of our balance and recording if it is improving or deteriorating.

The only start-up I have seen that is tackling this problem is ishoe. 

Personally, I think there is going to be a big market in ways to measure and improve balance. Looks to me like ishoe is leading the way.

When you see the sale of Bosu Balls rapidly increasing you will know that the message about balance is being to get through.

Dick Stroud

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