Thursday, February 25, 2016

Accenture you need to sack the fool that designed this report.

Accenture has published a report about how retailers need to adapt to Millennials.

Kim Walker has written a good blog post about its conclusions.

What is astonishing is the way that Accenture depicts Millennials and Boomers.

I would have thought it is more likely that Millennials would be gazing at a smartphone than a laptop (small point). But come on Accenture, depicting Boomers as an old couple with walking sticks. That is idiocy, demeaning and gives a completely wrong impression of this hugely important customer group.

If this is how Accenture perceives Boomers than I would be dubious about the quality of their advice on the subject.

Now I know a few people at Accenture and I suspect they will be aghast at such a stupid mistake. Not what you would expect from such a large and prestigious company. Dick Stroud

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