Thursday, March 10, 2016

McKinsey talks tactical common sense about customer experience

In my mind McKinsey = strategy, blue-sky thinking, deep analysis, thinking the unthinkable, etc etc. It does all this stuff extremely well.

These two papers are really hard-headed tactical advice about the massive barriers companies experience in managing the customer experience. If CX is important to you (I guess it is) then you will know how difficult it is to implement change. Read these articles and you will know why it is so difficult.

Linking the customer experience to value

From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do

The management of CX doesn't exist in a vacuum it exists in a world where the age profile and the physical condition of customers is changing.

'Seeing the world as customers do' might mean literally not seeing it, literally not hearing or feeling it and literally not understanding it. The hundreds of touchpoints that McKinsey refers to are all affected by the 25 ways that ageing changes our senses, bodies and minds.

You better make these touchpoints age-friendly before moving onto the all the other improvements that McKinsey proposes. Deciding to use the AF Brand Tool is the place to start. Dick Stroud

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