Friday, April 15, 2016

Good interview about improving the CX - one big omission

This interview with Ian Golding who is a CX expert makes a great deal of sense.

The opening question he is asked about the outdated ideas or methods he encounters had me nodding away in agreement.

Confusion between Customer Service, Customer Experience and Customer Centricity – they are not the same thing.
Drawing the wrong conclusion from poorly executed customer feedback mechanisms – specifically, failing to measure the true end to end customer journey.
Failure to have the resource or capability to actually improve customer focused priorities.
Lack of governance and ownership

We have encountered all of these issues when working with companies who are endeavouring to improve the CX for older customers.

What was missing from the interview and what is missed in most (if not all) of the discussion about CX is the need to ensure that the foundation of the touchpoints are able to span all generations. Once this is done then all the sophisticated thinking and measuring of CX can be used. But you have to make the touchpoints age-friendly before you start.

The AF Brands app is the starting point for creating an age-friendly CX. See what the app could do for your organisation, then press the button, download and make a start. Dick Stroud

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