Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Economist Magazine has spoken - Older consumers will reshape the business landscape

I have had another attack of déjà vu. I could swear that the Schumpeter column in the Economist reported on the 'grey market' at least twice, maybe three times before, and ended with the same comments.

Yet this is only the early stages of a revolution. Baby-boomers have spent their lives making noise and demanding attention. They are not going to stop now. They will be the biggest and richest group of pensioners in history. They will also be the longest lived: many will spend more time in retirement than they did working. The baby-boomers have changed everything they have touched since their teenage years, leaving behind them a trail of inventions, from pop culture to two-career families. Retirement is next on the list.

Phew, same old comments. Dick Stroud

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