Monday, April 25, 2016

The theory surrounding Customer Experience (CX) is wide and deep and missing something

These are two excellent sets of insights about customer experience.

The first one from Forbes (A Customer Experience Is A Story, Not Just A Long, Boring List Of Touchpoints) makes the excellent point that it is too easy to just to see the interaction with customers as an aggregation of transactions. There is something, a glue, that holds it all together. Storytelling is a way of linking all the interactions together.

The second article, from McKinsey, includes a series of short video clips (note to McKinsey, please enable your videos to be embedded) about why and how companies embrace improving their CX and in many cases fail.

All very good and definitely worth the time to read.

Yet both articles miss an issue that totally dominates all of this theory.

Unless the individual touchpoints are age friendly then all the storytelling and strategic thinking count for nothing. If customers are not able to easily, efficiently and safely use your touchpoints you are toast.

Worse still, it only takes one of these touchpoints to fail, and it might be a different one for each customer, to make the delivery of the CX collapse into failure.

You have to get the foundation level working efficiently for all customers. Here is how to start. Visit the web site or go directly to iTunes and download the AF Brands app. Dick Stroud

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