Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where have all the over-50s gone? Not to jobs in London

Lucy Kellaway, one of the best journalists on the FT, has seen the light. Well, not exactly the light but the absence of over-50s working in London.

This amusing article appears in the Irish Times and describes her reactions at a recent event where she was speaking when she suddenly realized that she was part of tiny minority of attendees, having had her 50th birthday.

This will not come as a shock to anybody who follows my blog but I cannot attempt to write as amusingly as Ms Kellaway.

What does happen to all those in the City and those working in marketing when they turn 50 years old? Do they make so much money they can retire (No) or do they fall out of the employment market?

A classic case of cognitive dissonance, yes we must have more people working until they are 70+ but the culture of employment makes that impossible. Weird or what. Dick Stroud

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