Thursday, June 09, 2016

Lack of jobs for older workers who need to work forever. How do we square the circle?

I have just purchased a book that was well reviewed in the FT called The 100 year life - living and working in an age of longevity. The book was written by a couple of academics at London Business School. All the reviews were by fellow academics - what a pity the business world was not a bit more engaged - but that is a different story.

The topic of the book is obvious from the name. What the hell are we going to do to fund a life that extends to over a 100?

I am never sure how this prediction of extending life expectancy squares up with the very obvious problem of mass obesity. Maybe when I have read the book I will know the answer.

The very next thing I read is an article about the Dutch Government that is spending lots of dosh to boost the employment opportunities for oldies.  People aged 45 to 65 currently account for 240,000 of the 600,000 registered jobless in the Netherlands.

The phenomenon of cognitive dissonance is fascinating and keeps cropping up. Here we are, talking about living (and working) for zillions of years, when there is patently not the employment available.

Maybe the book will explain how this is possible. I will let you know. Dick Stroud

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