Friday, June 17, 2016

Looks to me like the marketing industry has been taking stupidity tablets

Two sets of facts from very different sources that when combined demonstrate the idiocy of marketing industry.

This is a contribution from chairman and chief creative officer of MRM Meteorite

He starts with a few facts. The average age of staff in IPA member agencies is 33 -  83% are under 40 -  45% under 30. And just 5% over 50. OK, just hold that number in your head for a moment.

And continues to point out how this wastes so much talent that older (over 50) can contribute.

The next set of facts relate to data published by the ONS on the age of workers in the UK.

Insurance company Aviva has predicted that workers aged 50 and above will become the largest group in employment by 2024, representing one in three of all employees.

The firm’s claim is based on new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which found that almost 10 million workers aged 50-plus are now in employment in the UK.

So what can we unpick from these two sets of facts.

The obvious point is that the one place all these over-50s will not be working is the advertising industry.

The second conclusion is that age gap between those smart folk who are attempting delivery compelling advertising and what will soon become the largest group of workers is embarrassingly, idiotically, ridiculously and dangerously wide. Dick Stroud

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