Saturday, July 30, 2016

Even Apple equates accessibility to disability. Wrong, wrong, wrong

This is a great article from Techcrunch about the accessibility features that we can expect in the new release of Apple's iOS.

This magnifier option for iPhone and iPad looks like a terrific idea as do some of the features for those with hearing problems (like me).

But, why does Apple keep stuffing these away in the box marked accessibility and by inference for those with disabilities. Surely the Apple designers realise that an awful lot of Apple's 'normal' users have problems caused by 'normal' physiological ageing. And believe it or not there are going to be more and more needing to supplement the normal features of their devices with assisted functionality.

Apple and Android designers need to incorporate much of these features into the mainstream part of the products. This apples even Even more so about the Apple Watch. Your can read how this product performed when it was evaluated using our AF Brand app.

Come on Apple you need a change of mind about these features. Dick Stroud

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