Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Facebook's problem with video metrics is the least of the problems

It is the first time that I have seen Mark Ritson (Marketing Week) and Laurie Orlov (Ageing in place technology blog) comment about the same subject, on the same day, with roughly the same argument.

More than half of all UK advertising spend now goes into digital and awful lot of the digital spend goes to Facebook and Google. Facebook's little problem is that it has been grossly overstating the length of time that people have spent watching its video - by about 80% - and it has been doing that for the past couple of years.

Mark Ritson's gripe is that we now have a wall of marketing spend being chucked at digital and the more you poke around the more it looks like the metrics are, to put it mildly, ultra flaky.

What he didn't say, was that most of the digital spend will miss the largest group and highest spending group of consumers - the older variety. News today, that the 50+ are now the biggest spenders on travel.

So what we have poorly measured marketing spend chasing a group of people (the young) who are perpetually bleating about being cash-strapped whilst their parents are spending their inheritance like it is going out of style and not taking much account of digital marketing.

What a strange situation. Dick Stroud

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