Tuesday, November 22, 2016

McKinsey's view about cars of the future misses one huge issue

Anybody with a modicum of knowledge about the Ageing Business knows about the importance of older people to the automotive industry. Like they buy lots and lots of new cars.

Anybody with a modicum of knowledge about the automotive industry know that there is a mega problem with young people not buying cars. They cannot afford them or they find other ways of travelling.

You see how the age of the consumer is sort of important.

I think McKinsey's research and commentary is first rate but their vision of how technology and the auto industry combine is missing a very important component. More accurately, it misses a very important question: "how do enable older people to drive, safely, for as long as possible." This is nothing to do with CSR and being good corporate citizens, but all about extending the purchasing life of the older consumer.

All the stuff that McKinsey writes about is fine but how does it enable somebody with all the usual age related physiological changes to their body drive for as long as possible. Like, how do harness technology to make it easier to drive at night?

I have dealt with a few car companies and I have been amazed how little time the spend on doing the basics of using their design skills to extend the customer's purchasing life. Weird. Dick Stroud

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