Monday, December 05, 2016

Know about the Zulu Principle? Know about physiological ageing? Read this blog and learn about both.

Jim Slater was a financier who wrote a book call the Zulu Principle. Its central theme was that it is possible to quickly achieve an expert, dare I say, guru status in a clearly defined area of knowledge and with it make money.  Chose the right subject and really, I mean really, get to understand it and you will know more about it than all your colleagues and friends and probably more than most other people in your industry.

All of you should have a basic understanding of physiological ageing and how it can be used to create age-neutral customer touchpoints. Why not apply the Zulu Principle to this subject?

It is your lucky day. You can download this basic primer that will be your first step to becoming an expert. It will take 10 secs to download and 10 mins to read. What a fantastic return on your time investment. Dick Stroud

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