Thursday, January 19, 2017

'This I Know' is my third and FINAL book about the Ageing Business

Fifteen years ago I started consulting, writing speaking about how companies must adapt to a future where there are lots and lots more older consumers. I thought my book Marketing to the Ageing Consumer, would be the last one – but I was wrong - there was still more to be said.

It is tragic and unavoidable that companies, government and older people are woefully unprepared for the economic and social consequences of population ageing. How can this be? For decades we have known the facts and implications of demographic change and what needs to be done.

The consequences of our unwillingness to adapt, to the new realities of an older population are, to put it mildly, horrendous. The future for most older people is going to be bleak.

Most companies will scramble about trying to make themselves fit for purpose to serve an older customer base. The implications of Brexit and Mr Trump's election are minor compared to those of population ageing. This reality will dominate government agendas for the next decade and beyond.

But, and it is an enormous but, these failings create massive business opportunities. For smart marketers, that understand what is happening and have the courage to act, the next decade could a bonanza.

My final book is short. You should be able to read it in a couple of hours. I have done my best to jettison as much ‘management speak’ as possible. Be warned, it is frank and I expect will annoy some of those who work in the ‘ageing business’. If they disagree with what I have said, I am sure they will make their views known.

The book is published by Amazon in paper and Kindle versions and should be available in most countries.

This I Know has been fun to write. I hope it is equally fun to read. Dick Stroud

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