Friday, February 10, 2017

"on demand' access to GPs but at a price. Going to be big business.

A few days back I blogged about the terrible problems we have in the UK with out health service and whilst it causes hardship for so many people it also provides a massive new business opportunity.  The UK's NHS is in terrible shape and getting worse fast. Great news for the private health industry

As I explained in This I Know, there has always been full range of health services for those that can pay, including primary care. Not surprisingly, as the NHS implodes, there will a greater demand for the services from echelons of society who in the past would never have considered using their credit cards for something they had assumed was 'free'.

One of the most acute problems is trying to get to see a primary care doctor (we call them GPs in the UK). One solution to this problem is the Uber style GP services from companies like Babylon Health and Push Doctor. 

This is only the start and as this article shows the provision of on-demand private GP services is already underway. Maybe this startup venture will not succeed but it marks the direction of the future. Dick Stroud

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