Monday, April 10, 2017

There is upmarket care and then there is Auriens. First class marketing

I have been watching the various bits and pieces appearing the media about Auriens.

This is the press release when the company launched

Over the weekend I had one of my rare reads of the FT and came upon a fascinating article about an old guy who has done the most amazing things (like running 100 metre races when he is 97).

A bit later I found this ad in another part of the paper. Excuse the quality but it was difficult to scan.

Whoever is running the marketing of this company is doing a hell of a good job. This was a great combination of advertising and advertorial (Paid Post as the FT calls it ).

The web site design and quality is excellent.

If the property, when it becomes available, is half as good as the marketing comms materials it will be brilliant. The expectations are being set very high so I hope they have a brilliant operations delivery staff.

Alas, I expect the costs will restrict access to a tiny part of the UK's oldies. Something like (0.001%).

It is an interesting marketing question that so much marketing spend is being used to get to such a minuscule marketplace. Dick Stroud

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